"What a simple, yet effective way to practice your swing. This small pocket training aid is perfect to keep with you in your bag."
“There is a reason every Golf instruction book has a chapter on the GRIP. Your potential to be good at golf starts with a sound grip.”
Director of Golf Instruction at Omni Amelia Island Plantation.
Former Director of Instructor training at ESPN Golf Schools
"Love your product.”
PGA DOI at The Members Club at Grande Dunes. GM Top 100 Teacher in America and PGA Master Professional in Instruction. 6 Time TN PGA Teacher of the Year.
“I really like this product, and have been thinking about passing it on to a golfing friend. But I don’t want to part with it. Highly recommended. Grade: A+. Beginners and high handicappers should definitely get one of these.
“A hassle-free, ergonomically designed training aid that will help you ingrain proper mechanics in gripping the golf club.”
“golf-grip™ is a very cool golf training aid which goes on the player’s own clubs and helps him/her establish a proper grip.
“The golf-grip™ is very easy to use. Struggling with your swing? Well, that might be because your holding your club the wrong way.”
“It’s brilliant
PGA Professional, Director of teaching academy at Aphrodite Hills
"Love it.
Golf News, Golf Tips, Equipment, Travel, PGA Tour.
"May consider buying a few
PGA Director of Instruction of Create Golfers Academy at MetroWest GC.
"Great job designing it, practice at home or use it on the range.”
This product is genuis! At last, a way of creating a perfect grip on your exisiting clubs! The grip is crucial to good golf!”
British PGA Master Professional, Golf Digest Top 20 Teacher Under 40, 20+ year Tour coach jonathanyarwood.com
“This thing is a home run. A grand slam if you want. Something simple, universally adaptable and most importantly for us golfing types – something that works. That’s right. You didn’t mis-read that. An affordable, simple to use golf training aid that WORKS.” The most important thing to remember about this little beauty is that you use it with YOUR clubs. That feel right for YOU. Bottom line, these guys got it right. I have the golf-grip in my bag and it’s staying there. I start every range session with it. The best $ you can spend on your game for a short term fix and long term improvement.
“Every once in a while, we come across a product we feel can be of benefit to the average golf hack – and that’s what we believe we’ve found in golf-grip™. It not only trains you both physically and mentally to produce a consistent and, more importantly, correct grip, but it’s also made to fit on your clubs. Not bad for only $$$”
“Harvey Pennick said a golfer with a poor grip doesn't want a good swing. golf-grip™ looks like it’s solved the problem.”
PGA Golf Pro, Specialist Putting & Short-Game Coach, Coach on European Tour & Putting Coach
“Why didn't anyone tell me that changing my golf grip would immediately fix all my problems?”
“golf-grip™: Making golf better
"Great grip training aid.”
@golfshake / golfshake.com
“Grade: A+.”
Fanatical Golfer. Editor of golfblogger.com, the net's oldest and most prestigious golf blog. golfblogger.com
“Clever product that's so easy to get, and helps right away.
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