Currently the golf-grip™ is only available in right-handed.

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There are more than a few good reasons:

– Gives you the correct golf grip on YOUR clubs within seconds
– No professional installation required & no complicated instructions
– Ergonomically formed to fit perfectly into your hands
– Allows your hands to have maximum contact with your own club – meaning you truely learn how to hold YOUR club
– Small enough to fit into your pocket, allowing you to take it anywhere you go.
– Unlike other brightly coloured training aids, the golf-grip™ is only available in a descreet black
– Endorsed by PGAs as a product that “works”
– While golf-grip™ has had many imitators, no other product performs as well.
– We are the original, we are unique – & we have the World-wide patents to prove it.

Slide the golf-grip™ up your club shaft, then up onto your rubber grip. The white line should align with the club face and your thumbs should seat in the open areas. See our tutorial page for more detail. The golf-grip™ should be a tight fit, but should be flexed open and reinstalled if too tight.

The golf-grip™ is for Golfers of ALL abilities. For Beginners the grip is the first step to learn and perfect. The golf-grip™ will help the body’s natural ‘muscle memory’ to learn the correct position. It is also an invaluable aid for Professional golfers too. Golfers develop bad habits; one of them is inevitably deformation of their grip. The golf-grip™ gives the Professional a unique tool to confirm the correct grip, anywhere, anytime.

The thick skin of the golf-grip™ is made from TPR – A material that maintains both the characteristics of rubber and plastic. It is soft to the touch and comfortable to grip. The frame of the golf-grip™ is made from Nylon, which allows it to hold its shape and provides sufficent grip to any club you attach it to.

The golf-grip™ was designed to fit both the standard and the oversized grip. Other sizes are in the development stages.

Simply click ‘Buy’ at the top of this page and complete our order form. The process is safe, simple and secure and should only take about 1 minute to complete.

Yes we do. Please allow approx. 3-5 business days for delivery, depending on where you are located.

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