Best golf driver for beginners – a guide

Golf driver for beginners

Entering the world of golf can be an all-consuming form of leisure. With the perfect blend of precision, power, and patience, it’s no wonder that golf has been a beloved sport for centuries. However, when it comes to starting your golf journey, there’s a considerable amount of equipment to familiarise yourself with. One essential tool for every beginner golfer is the golf driver. And not just any golf driver, but the best golf driver for beginners.

Understanding your golf driver’s role is the first step. It’s the club you’ll often use to make your first shot on each hole, especially for par 4’s and 5’s. Your driver is specifically designed for distance, aiming to get your ball as close to the green as possible. A great golf driver can enhance your game significantly, setting the tone for a strong, successful round of golf.

But with countless options in the market, how do you find the best golf driver for beginners? That’s what this guide aims to help you with.


Driver Head Size and Shape

Generally, the larger the head size, the more forgiving the driver is for off-centre hits. The maximum allowed by law is 460cc (cubic centimetres), which is recommended for beginners due to the increased forgiveness. Additionally, the shape of the head influences how the club behaves. Look for drivers with a round or pear-shaped head that promotes a higher moment of inertia, translating to better stability.


Shaft Material and Flexibility

Golf driver shafts are typically made of steel or graphite. For beginners, graphite shafts are more desirable as they’re lighter and allow for increased clubhead speed. As for shaft flexibility, choose one labelled as ‘Regular’ or ‘Senior’ to help you maximise distance.



Loft refers to the angle of the clubface that controls trajectory and affects distance. A higher loft generates more lift, which is ideal for beginners with slower swing speeds. Most beginners find drivers with a loft between 10 and 12 degrees beneficial.



Some modern drivers feature adjustability aspects, like moveable weights or adjustable hosels, allowing you to change the club’s loft, lie, or face angle. This feature can be beneficial as your skills progress.

Now let’s delve into some of the best golf drivers for beginners that meet these criteria:

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver

Known for its forgiving nature and high MOI design, this driver uses a reconstructed Inertia Generator and Speed Injected Twist Face technology. It maximises distance and forgiveness, making it a great choice for beginners.

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver

This driver provides excellent forgiveness due to its oversized head and high MOI. Its Jailbreak Speed Frame enhances horizontal and torsional stability, leading to an increase in ball speeds across the face.

Ping G425 Max

The Ping G425 Max provides a high level of forgiveness and a reduced spin due to its 460cc head and high MOI. It also features an adjustable hosel, allowing for customization as your swing develops.


Remember, choosing the best golf driver for beginners isn’t just about buying the most expensive or the most popular model. It’s about finding a driver that complements your skill set and allows you to grow in your golf journey. Take the time to test various models and find the one that feels the best in your hands.

To maximise your newfound knowledge and enhance your golfing skills, why not couple your new driver with the game-changing Golf-grip™? This innovative accessory can be attached to any set of golf clubs to correct your hand position and improve your swing. It’s suitable for all levels of players and has the potential to make a significant impact on your golf performance.


Consider the Golf-grip™ to improve your game

The Golf-grip™ complements your best golf driver for beginners perfectly. By assisting in perfecting your grip, it allows you to fully utilise your driver’s potential. A correct grip leads to an effective swing, maximising the power and accuracy you can get out of your new driver. Thus, the Golf-grip™, along with the right driver, sets the foundation for a rapid and effective improvement in your golfing game.

Remember, golf is a journey of constant learning and improvement. As you progress, your equipment will evolve with you. Having the best golf driver for beginners and the right accessories like the Golf-grip™ provides the ideal platform for your journey into golf.

So, why wait? Start your golfing adventure today by exploring the Golf-grip™ and much more in our online store.  With the right equipment and the right approach, you’re on your way to mastering the beautiful game of golf. Happy golfing!

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