Search the internet for “Golf Training Grip” and an array of products will appear. For us, comparisons law essay help uk to these products are to be expected.However, 9 years after our first Patent was granted, and 2 years since the last, we believe we have achieved our goal of creating THE golf grip training aid. So confident are we that our goal had been achieved, we named our product simply: golf-grip™. The attributes of our product in comparison to anything else in the market provides our confidence. Infact, our confidence is such, that we are prepared to offer every single one of our potential customers this promise:


If you can find another golf grip training aid product which can achieve all of our ‘15 Attributes’ on the list below, we will send you your very own golf-grip™ absolutely FREE*.


*Including shipping where applicable. Offer is open to all. Products already mentioned on this page fail to meet all 15 points and are therefore unsubmitable. All submissions should be sent to info@golf-grip.com Product submissions should include: photographs, a brief explaination of how the example product fullfils all points and information on where to purchase.

golf-grip™ Attributes:


1 – Removable/Transferable

Many professional grip training aids on the market need to be permanently (and professionally) fixed to a club.

golf-grip™ requires NO professional installation and is NOT permanent. It can be EASILY REMOVED and TRANSFERED from club to club.

2 – Full hand/finger contact with your original grip

Any training aid that is placed on top of your original club grip will increase your gripping diameter and teach you an incorrect wide grip.

golf-grip™ has cutaways that correspond with ALL fingers AND thumbs for MAXIMUM contact with the original club grip (like NO other).

3 – Full Left & Right hand positioning

Many aids only concentrate on thumb position or just one hand position. They simply ignore the index, middle, ring and little finger positioning.

golf-grip™ ensures that ALL thumbs AND fingers on BOTH hands are guided into the correct position (like NO other).

4 – Ergonomic

Ergonomics is the neglected study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body.

golf-grip™ is ERGONOMIC. It is FULLY sculpted (like NO other) to comfortably and intuitively coerce BOTH hands into the correct position.

5 – Slippage

As well as a smooth internal surface, most aids only ‘wrap’ the club grip just over 180°, creating a half-circle shape (if cut through width ways).

golf-grip™ REALLY wraps the club – almost a completing a full 360° circle. Functioning entirely by exploiting the forces of tension/friction
this tight wrapping form and it’s 12 internal ‘anti-slip fins’ erase the likelihood of ANYKIND of slippage during the swing.

6 – Sizing

Training aids that have a -190° wrapping form, will ‘clip’ on and ‘pop’ off and cannot not accommodate different club sizes easily or securely.

golf-grip™ was engineered to SLIDE up and on to the club. It’s near 360° frame flexes to accept any size club grip from a small regular (M) to a
large jumbo (XL) VERY securely. The contours of golf-grip™’s ergonomic form are also cleverly designed to allow it to accept 90% of hand sizes.

7 – Grip style

Every golfer naturally uses either the ‘10 finger’ (‘baseball’), ‘inter-locking’ (Vardon) or ‘overlapping’ grip styles. Some aids can interfer with this.

golf-grip™ does NOT interfere with your grip style. It allows for FULL use of either the ‘baseball’, ‘inter-locking’ or ‘overlapping’ grips.

8 – Graphics

When gripping a Golf club correctly ‘V’s are formed by the thumb and index finger on both left and right hands.

golf-grip™ has graphics printed on the product to show you where your index fingers and thumbs should sit.

9 – Patented

Many new products boast ‘Patents Pending’ – in reality this means a Patent has not been granted, but is simply under review.

golf-grip™ is NOT Patent Pending. It is recognised as a new and original design and has FULLY GRANTED Patents from around the World.

10 – Ease of use

Some grip training aids need professional installation or involve a complicated set up procedure.

golf-grip™ is ready to be used instinctively in 4 EASILY achievable steps.

11 – Discreet

Golfers can be self-conscious when using any type of training aid, especially brightly coloured training aids which draw attention.

golf-grip™ has been designed to be DISCREET. It is produced in a SUBTLE black to minimise attention when used with a standard club grip.

12 – Portable

Many aids are embarrassingly large and cumbersome and could be mistaken for novelty sex toys rather than serious golf training aids.

golf-grip™ has been developed as a SMALL pocket-friendly product, allowing you to carry it with you, unashamedly, at all times.

13 – Dual density

Single density injection moulded products are cheaper to manufacture and have limited properties

golf-grip™ is a dual density injection moulded product consisting of a soft rubber-like ‘skin’ for comfort and an encased rigid plastic skeleton
for a ‘sprung loaded’ grip on your club.

14 – Quality control

Many aids are cheap quality merchandise that use low grade plastics, resulting in short-life products that are uncomfortable to use.

golf-grip™ is made to HIGH standards – we share production with the likes of Taylormade, Footjoy, Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

15 – Value

Golf grip training aids vary in price, quality and usefulness. Most of the time you get what you pay for, and the best is expensive, right?

If like us, you got to the bottom of this list and thought ‘the golf-grip™ really is the BEST golf grip product out there’, then you will be
pleasantly surprised to discover that despite it’s appeal, the golf-grip™ will not put a dent your wallet. golf-grip™ is COMPETITVELY priced
against our direct competitors, giving you great value for money. Just click the ‘BUY’ button in the corner of our website to see for yourself.

Click here to see how much it costs and to buy one for yourself.